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Lessons I Learned Dating

I was all dressed up with nowhere to go for most of my adolescence. I went to prom by myself, hitting my teenage understanding of rock bottom, when I pumped

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Chinese New Year

Red is the color of my memory about the Spring Festival because it summarizes my feelings of the old times in my home city of Beijing. Beijing is an ancient

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The Culture Map

Living within another culture has unique demands when it comes to communication. It is not simply a matter of being able to speak another language, it is also a matter

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Gained in Translation

The expression “lost in translation” makes sense. Some phrases don’t translate well from one language to the other, carrying the same meaning across borders is challenging. It’s only practical that

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Cultural Perspectives on Time

Our cultural backgrounds shape much of how we view the world around us, including our concept of time. Some cultures have a polychronic view of time, while other cultures hold

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