Interview with Mosaic

As the Vision Conference draws near, Bridges took some time to catch up with our worship band this year, Mosaic. Mosaic will be leading our times of music at Vision, and we’re so excited to have them join us! Learn more about their group and why they lead worship.

BridgesWe are so glad that you will be with us at Vision this year! What made you excited to join us?

Mosaic: We’re so excited to be coming to Vision as we’ve heard so many great things about the conference from the past few years! I think the thing that most excites us about Vision, is the wide variety of people that will be in attendance. To have people from places like California, Denver, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Kenya, Delhi, and many more all coming together to focus on God is such an exciting and unique experience that you just don’t get in other places.

BridgesCan you explain what worship is?

Mosaic: Worship is when we as a people or culture give our adoration, our time, our service, and our praise to something or someone. It’s an act of honoring this something or someone as more important than ourselves. This “thing” could be us, an idea we’ve created, our societal leaders, a movement, or any other number of things.

BridgesWhy do you think worship is such an important part of being a Christian (and an important part of the Vision Conference)?

Mosaic: As followers of Jesus, worship is our natural response to how Jesus has changed our lives and continues to change our lives each day. Where we give our adoration, time, service, praise and how we live our lives, shows the world God’s heart and that we are his people. When we give God praise through musical worship, we are singing songs that honor him, tell the story of who he is, and express how thankful we are for his love that impacts us everyday. This act of musical worship is so important during Vision because we get to honor God for who he is, and declare that with people and cultures from all around the world.

BridgesEvery year we have a theme song for Vision, and this year it will be “Great Are You Lord.” Can you tell us more about the meaning behind this song?

Mosaic: This year for the Vision theme song we chose “Great Are You Lord.” I love this song because it talks about who God is and how He loves us. The song tells the story of how God brings light to the darkness, gives us hope, restores broken hearts, and in response we as a people praise God for who he is. With this year’s theme being “Journey” we wanted to choose a song that can be sung at any point in our journey with God, and always reminds us who he is and how he walks with us.

BridgesWhat do you hope students will experience through the worship time at Vision?

Mosaic: I hope students at Vision will be able to experience God through the musical worship times at Vision. Our hope as a band is to create an atmosphere where we put the spotlight on Jesus and allow him to speak to everyone in the audience, whether that be through roaring thunder or a small gust in the wind. I hope students will leave Vision understanding a bit more about who Jesus is and how deeply he wants to know each of them personally.

Join Bridges and Mosaic at Vision Conference from December 28th through January 1st. Experience global community, personal growth, spiritual conversations, and of course, really great music. Prices increase by $50 on December 8th, so learn more and register today at


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