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What to Bring to American

Before you read about what to bring to America, check out my last post What Not to Bring to America. As you are packing to move to the U.S. as an

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What Not to Bring to America

When I spent a year studying abroad in Lebanon, I brought WAY TOO MUCH stuff with me. With four suitcases, I ended up spending hundreds of dollars for excess and

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Explaining Your New Life to Old Friends

As an international student, you’ve had to adjust to time differences, cultural differences and long distance relationships with loved ones. But perhaps the most painful and unexpected, is the “experience

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Share Your Culture

First I want to say I’m proud of you. You have ventured to America to further your education and learned a new culture far away from home. You are adapting

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Lessons I Learned Dating

I was all dressed up with nowhere to go for most of my adolescence. I went to prom by myself, hitting my teenage understanding of rock bottom, when I pumped

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