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Leadership Defined

What is the definition of leadership? There are many responses to this question. Leadership can often be considered in terms of a position. Leaders are then viewed as individuals with

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Happy Old Year

“Happy Old Year!” said no one, ever. Have you ever thought about how strange it would be if people said that greeting instead of “Happy New Year”? Americans value innovation

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Interview with SEU Worship

As the Vision Conference draws near, Bridges took some time to catch up with our worship band this year. SEU Worship will be leading our times of music at Vision,

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It’s a Magical Time of the Year.

Surely by now you’ve seen the atmosphere change as we near Christmas. White, twinkly lights line the edges of houses, evergreen trees are decorated with trinkets of many colors, and

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5 Tips for a Successful Winter Break

Right now you are probably overwhelmed with homework. You spend countless hours a day studying, writing essays, and completing homework assignments. Winter break seems far off. And reading this blog

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