Interview with SEU Worship

As the Vision Conference draws near, Bridges took some time to catch up with our worship band this year. SEU Worship will be leading our times of music at Vision, and we’re so excited to have them joining us! Learn more about their group and why they love worship here:

Bridges: Tell us a little bit about your group and who will be coming to Vision.
SEU WORSHIP: We are SEU Worship, a worship collective from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. We have a pretty diverse team that consists of a lot of seniors, juniors, sophomores, and even some freshman. There are a lot of different majors represented in our team as well! Our team is full of students who love life, love each other, and love Jesus.

Bridges: We are so glad that you will be with us at Vision this year! What made you excited to join us?
SEU WORSHIP: We’re so excited to join Vision Conference! We think that this conference is really special and we’re looking forward to the atmosphere of worship that comes with a group of people from many different places and backgrounds. We love that Vision hosts such diversity and we cannot wait to experience life changing moments with people from all around the world.

Bridges: Why do you think worship is such an important part of being a Christian?
SEU WORSHIP: Worship is such an important part of Christianity because it’s how we express our thanks and love to God. It helps us to know God more, and also acts as a way of putting the will of God above our own. There’s something really special and life changing about humbling yourself before The Creator of the universe and following to his ways. Personally, we find such a peace and comfort in knowing that we don’t have control over everything, but we know the God who does.

Bridges: Every year we have a theme song for Vision, and this year it will be one your own songs, “For This Purpose.” Can you tell us more about the meaning behind this song?
SEU WORSHIP: Each school year, Southeastern University has a word or theme of the year that we really feel like God is speaking to our campus. Last year our theme of the year was For This Purpose. Our campus pastor, Phil Urdiales, would always ask us, “Who are you purposed to be and what are you purposed to do?” The song “For This Purpose” was really written out of those two questions. We really believe that our purpose is found simply in following Jesus and our calling is to just glorify His name.

Bridges: What do you hope students will experience through the worship time at Vision?
SEU WORSHIP: We’re really expecting that God is going to change the lives of many students during Vision Conference. We really believe that in the presence of God students will find joy and peace amongst the stress and chaos of their everyday situations. Students will be restored, redeemed, and leave Vision Conference different than the way they came in.


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