What is Vision Conference?

Where are you on your life journey? We’re all trying to find our way through life. But how do we know the right way to go? Who, or what, do we follow? There are so many big questions in life with little time to actually think about them.

The Vision Conference is an annual 5-day gathering hosted by Bridges International. It is a place where you can consider these questions and have fun bonding with old and new friends. As one student attendee said, “I can recommend this conference to all international students in the US.”

Imagine being in a room with international students from over 70 countries! Hundreds of students from around the world will gather together at Vision. This global community is an incredible experience of unity and diversity. You will experience other cultures, and share yours, through social events:

  1. Community Night- A new part of the conference that allows you to relax and have fun while experiencing unique expressions of culture from around the world.
  2. New Year’s Eve- The night starts with an international Talent Show followed by an all-conference dance party, featuring music from around the world. A celebratory end to the conference!
  3. Touring- This year you will experience the rare blend of city and nature in Denver, Colorado. You will have the opportunity to visit downtown Denver as well as the Garden of the Gods Nature Center.

You will experience personal growth as you hear from engaging speakers on life’s tough questions. Sessions will take place with the whole conference together as well as with those from your cultural background. These speakers, and the discussions that follow, will teach you what it means to grow spiritually and how God intersects with your culture.

During the conference, we will engage in spiritual conversations. Vision is an open environment where we will explore God, the Bible, and what we believe about spiritual things. This year our conference theme, Journey, will help us think about where we have been on our spiritual journeys and where we are headed. We’ll consider what the Bible says about our life journey and learn what it means to allow Jesus to be our guide. Vision is a safe place to come and think about these things deeper.

To register for the conference, follow this link: Vision Registration. Check with local Bridges staff or students to see how others from your campus are getting to the conference. They would love to help you with transportation! If you have any other questions about the conference or would like to learn more, check out our website.

So join us! Be a part of our global community, grow personally, and engage in spiritual conversations. We hope to see you at Vision Conference 2018: Journey.


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