What does your personality say about you?

Do you know the real you?
Take a moment to think about yourself. What would you say is true about you?
Do you prefer to study alone in the library? Or do you want to study with friends in a coffee shop?
Have you settled on major and career? Or have you tried several majors and keep open all career options?
Do you seek to finish your work before you have fun? Or do seek to have fun while you work?

Your answers to these questions likely reflect your personality. Your personal preferences reveal the “real you”. Most psychologists agree that everyone has a unique set of characteristics, traits, and preferences. Your personality influences how and why you think, feel and behave the way you do. Your personality motivates the choices and decisions you make at school, work and home.

Why does it matter?
There are many benefits to discovering your personality, such as:
1) Self Awareness – You have a clear perception of yourself. You know how and why you behave a certain way. You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses.
2) Self Confidence – You know how to use your strengths at work and school. You seek out ways to make unique contributions. You know when to say “yes” and “no”.
3) Interpersonal Relationships – As you better understand yourself you can better understand others. You learn that your friend or roommate is not wrong, but different. You realize that communication problems are often differences in personality.
4) Personal Well-Being – You are aware of your feelings and can manage them in a positive way. You are at peace with yourself. You know how to deal with stress – what triggers it and how to reduce it.

Can you relate?
Sheng has a strong sense of responsibility. He is very loyal and hardworking. Everyone can count on him to do things right – and on time. Next week he has a major project due for his computer science class. He knows it will require effort and commitment, which is not a problem for him. As Sheng has discovered his personality preferences he is mindful of his weaknesses. He now realizes he can be too perfectionistic with details. He is more conscious of his tendency to overwork. Sheng now plans each day to go to the gym or have a meal with a friend. Knowing himself helps him to have a healthy balance in his life. He still works hard but now has more fun.

How to discover your personality?
How can you uncover the “real you”? Should you go to a psychologist? Take a psychological course? Read a book? An effective way to determine your personality type is to use a tool. We all use tools to help us solve problems in practical ways. What would we do without a mapping tool to find our way through city streets?

A well-known and reputable tool for personality discovery is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). It is based on a psychological model asserting that everyone has inborn tendencies on how we think and act. The MBTI looks at how you prefer to live your life.

Most campuses have career counseling centers to help students develop a greater sense of self-awareness, especially as they plan their career. These centers will often provide a personality assessment for current students. A trained counselor is then available to supply the results and interpretive feedback. It’s an offer any student on campus should not turn down!

What do you think? Do know what makes you unique? Have you ever discovered your personality type? We would love to hear about it in a comment.


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