Think about your friend’s needs, and try again


Think about what your non-Christian friend needs and what you need to do next, then try again


We must ask, “Is evangelism only a ‘one and done’ kind of event?” Sometimes it may be. Philip had one encounter with the Ethiopian when the man asked to be baptized.  However, we often notice that coming to faith is a process. People usually hear the gospel several times and sometimes from different sources before they make a decision. When we think about the ministry of Jesus, we see him traverse an area multiple times teaching and preaching. His disciples did the same thing. Probably certain areas and people heard Jesus and His disciples more than once. Often, their reputation preceded them. People were ready to receive Jesus. 

How many times did you hear the gospel before you responded with a “Yes”?

Bible Passage & Questions

1 Corinthians 3:5-9

Put this passage and its main thought in your own words.

  • What does Paul teach us about God’s role in evangelism?
  • What does this passage teach us about people’s role in evangelism?
  • How do these words shape your attitude and action in evangelism?

Consider & Discuss

If you have planted the seed of the gospel in your friend’s life, how can you water the gospel? Here are some questions to consider and discuss as a group:

  • What are their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs? 
  • What threshold are they at?
  • Could you invite them to church?  
  • What resources and opportunities might help them?

What if the person you are spending time with shows little interest in Jesus? Is it ever right to pause some relationships to focus on those students with greater interest? 

Give an example of a student with whom you paused your ongoing initiation (not stopping the friendship), but when you reconnected, they were open to the gospel or to grow in their faith.

What method does your team or group use to keep track of current and past friends that you have engaged with the gospel? Is there a friendship you have paused that you need to return to? How can you use social media and digital strategies to re-engage current and former friends?

Next Steps (Individually & Collectively)

Record your evangelistic conversations somewhere, perhaps in a Google Document or MissionHub. Mission Hub is an easy and helpful way to record your gospel interactions. You will want to keep track of the person’s name, date of the conversation, and a brief description of what you talked about. This tool helps remind you of past conversations and how to proceed. It is a good place to type in a prayer for someone.