Invite your friend to place their faith in Christ


Grow in our confidence and practice of inviting internationals to place their faith in Christ


Describe someone who has modeled faithful evangelism for you. How does this person invite others to place their faith in Christ?

Bible Passage & Questions

Acts 2:36-41; Acts 16:29-33; Acts 26:27-29

Have each person read one passage then retell the story to the group.

  • What were the questions that prompted the invitation given in each of these passages? 
  • What questions have you been asked that prompted an invitation to move closer to Jesus in some way? 
  • Should every gospel presentation involve an opportunity to respond? Why or why not?

Consider & Discuss

When you share the gospel, what are your favorite lines or phrases to invite someone to pray to receive Christ? For example, asking a person, “Would you like to receive Christ?” is one way to word an invitation. As a group, select 3-4 phrases that seem most effective. Set up a role play and try the best phrases with one another.

What if the person says they are not interested, then what should you do?

What if the person indicates they are already a Christian? What should you do?

Evaluate your group’s evangelism for the last school year or last month.  (If you have a report on your ministry this might be a good time to review it. For example, Bridges staff should review their movement indicators).  What stands out as you review your effectiveness from the past year? Are you boldly taking the initiative to share Christ in a clear and compelling way? Explain.

Next Steps (Individually & Collectively)

Reflect on your evangelistic conversations this past year. Do you tend to share the gospel to the point of a decision? Why or why not? In light of this lesson, is there anything you might do differently? 

Discuss your insights with a friend, teammate, pastor, or ministry coach.