Praying for the people God has placed in your life


Create a list of five friends, then pray for each person every day


In evangelism, we bring God’s love, which we have experienced, to those who do not know Him. Jesus does send us out, but even more so, He brings us with Him on His journey to engage the lost ones He seeks to save. Praying for others is the first outward step of our journey.

Bible Passage & Questions

Colossians 4:2-6

Put this passage in your own words. 

  • Why does Paul call us to be both steadfast and watchful in prayer?
  • How does Paul connect prayer and evangelism in this passage?

Consider & Discuss

Have you ever prayed for someone over a period of time who finally placed their faith in Christ? Or, did someone pray for you? If so, please share that story with the group. 

Create a “Top Five List” of non-Christians in your life that you want to come to Christ.

1. _____________________________________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________________________________________

4. _____________________________________________________________________________

5. _____________________________________________________________________________

1. _____________________________

2. _____________________________

3. _____________________________

4. _____________________________

5. _____________________________

Now, break into pairs and share your list with your partner. Briefly describe the five people on your list. Share about the one or two people on your list that you are most likely to see next.  Discuss a few ways you might begin a spiritual conversation with them.

After you have both shared, pray for your partner’s list and have them pray for yours.

Team Next Steps (Individually & Collectively)

In the next week, what can you do to show your love to a person on your “Top Five List”? Perhaps, you could call or text them to say hello.

For the next 40 days, pray for your “Top Five List” every day. Additionally, start every day this week by asking God to give you opportunities to talk to someone about Jesus, whether or not they are on your list. Let’s be steadfast and watchful in our evangelistic prayers!