What is PLANT?


Understand what PLANT is and why we are using this framework


Bridges’ students, staff, and volunteers love sharing the gospel with international students. But is there a clear process in how we approach evangelism? PLANT’s main objective is to help us grow in our love and ability to share the story in a way that communicates to each person, no matter where they are from. The PLANT approach seeks to:

  • reinvigorate our love for Jesus because it teaches us to align our hearts with His desires,
  • inspire the pleasure of listening to others, assuming that God is at work in their hearts,
  • expose our staff, student leaders, and volunteers to an abundance of tools and resources,
  • coach us to give appropriate invitations to those we speak with, and
  • infuse our movement with a culture of consistently sharing the gospel.

While PLANT includes training in particular evangelistic tools, it is a more comprehensive plan. It is built around the idea that evangelism is a process, not just a one-time event. PLANT is designed to help us move spiritual conversations to clear, contextual gospel presentations.

Bible Passage & Questions

Mark 4:1-20

Put this passage in your own words. 

  • Why do you think Jesus uses sowing to describe evangelism?
  • Are you comforted or discouraged to know that gospel seeds fall on four types of soil? Why?
  • Can you share a story of God growing gospel seeds that you helped plant?

Consider & Discuss

  1. Pray.  Why is it important for us to pray for our own love for Jesus to be reinvigorated AND for opportunities to share
  2. Listen. How do you feel when someone listens well to you? 
  3. Articulate. In your own experience, what is the easiest way to articulate the gospel message?
  4. iNvite. What are some examples of appropriate next steps to invite a person to take in their spiritual journey?
  5. Try again. Share the story of a student who came to Christ after hearing the gospel many times.

As a team, which of these five points is our strongest point? Weakest? Why?

Next Steps (Individually & Collectively)

This week take some time to pray and/or journal about which of these five points you want to grow in over the upcoming months. Share your insight with a ministry coach, friend, or teammate.

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