Study Tips for College Success in the United States

Looking for effective study tips for your college experience in the United States? We would love to share some advice we’ve received with you.

One of the most important things for effective studying is finding your learning style. There are four main types of learners: auditory, visual, reading/writing preference, and kinesthetic (body movement.)

Think back on past study practices. Do you like to color code your notes? Do you find yourself watching a YouTube video to see someone work out a problem? Drawing pictures? Using graphic organizers? You may be a visual learner!

If you learn best through listening and find lecture-only classes to be easiest for you, you might be an auditory learner. Auditory learners are excellent listeners and can often recall information they’ve heard with precision. While many people have to write things down to remember them, auditory learners usually remember things just by hearing them spoken. Auditory learners study best by talking through the material they are learning with a classmate or friend. If you are an auditory learner, a study group might be especially good for you!

Many people learn and study best through reading and writing, often independently. If you learn best through reading your textbook and taking written notes on material and ideas, you may be a reading/writing preference learner. Taking notes by hand in class and rewriting and reading over them after class might be especially helpful for you. Writing out and illustrating flashcards can also be a helpful strategy for reading/writing preference learners, as well as visual learners.

If you are a kinesthetic learner, you probably love manipulatives, experiments, and hands-on projects. Make sure to build models when possible and try walking around while reading or listening to school material. Often times, kinesthetic learners find music to be a helpful study tool. Try making up a song featuring the content you are studying!

Determining how you learn best will help you to personalize your study time and maximize your success.

Now, here are a few study tips we’ve received from college students finishing their studies in the United States:

“Study separately for a few hours and then go for group study. It’s very important as you can share different ideas and ways to solve the same problem.”
-Graduate Student from India

“Don’t be afraid to ask professors questions in the United States.”
– Exchange Student from Japan

“Be nice to your brain. Start studying for exams two weeks in advance. Study for an hour and then take a break, study for another hour and take a break.”
-American Graduate Student

“Watch YouTube videos! You can slow down the audio speed if you need to listen more closely.”
-Undergrad Student from India

“Make flashcards with definitions and pictures! Make sure to also write every assignment down in your planner to help you keep track of class work.”
-American Undergraduate Student

“Rewriting notes after class can help you to remember information better. You also remember things better when you’ve written them down by hand rather than by computer.”
-American Doctorate Student

“Reward yourself afterwards! Study hard but take brain breaks!”
-American Undergraduate Student

“Make sure to study with American students as well as international students. Different perspectives and experiences can help everyone to understand material better.”
-Exchange Student from Germany

Joining or forming a study group is a great way to study well and make lasting friendships! Every university has a good place to study and hang out. Have you found yours yet? Feel free to invite another student to join you!


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