Yeshotsav Retreat schedule & Program

What to Expect

This year’s theme is FLOURISH. Together we will explore what it looks like to flourish in the family of faith as we walk through joy, suffering, and seek to love and serve those around us. Yeshotsav (“Jesus celebration”) is an incredibly unique retreat as you will be surrounded by fellow believers who also come from Hindu backgrounds.
Each day you can plan to hear devotional teaching to strengthen your faith, testimonies of fellow “HBBs” (Hindu-background believers), and times of prayer and worship (in your native tongue)! We plan to offer workshops on issues or topics that will help equip you to be a blessing to your family, co-workers, and peers. And there will be lots of free-time for fellowship, team-building activities, and various recreational opportunities at Camp Pines (e.g. swimming, canoeing, hiking, campfires, etc.).
Our prayer is that God will meet you in powerful ways as you pull away from the craziness of daily life to spend time with Him and other followers of Christ, and that when your return home, your faith would continue to FLOURISH. 

Tentative Schedule