A dizzyingly vast amount of resources and information is available for those who would seek to minister to Chinese students and scholars. Part of the inherent challenge lies in actually knowing what’s out there and what’s reliable. We want to take some of the difficulty out of it by gathering a list of resources we’ve found helpful.

To Engage

Various resources to help you engage and understand Chinese students’ worldview.

Cultural Tips 

Resources on Chinese culture, spirituality and the background of Chinese students on U.S. campuses.

Digital Tools

Videos and apps for engaging someone spiritually. Some of the resources are contextualized.

Conversation Starters

Easy-to-use tools for helping you start the conversation, exploring their worldview.

To Expose

Various tools, tracts, books, and studies that can assist you in sowing the seeds of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Gospel Presentation 

Brief presentations of the good news of Jesus Christ, either in print form or in a digital format available on the web (or both).


Websites, articles, videos and books of an apologetic nature addressing common questions that seekers may have on their journey to faith.

Bible Studies

Studies of different formats and length suitable for seekers interested in a somewhat more sustained examination of Christ and his claims. their worldview.