Implementing PLANT

In 2021 Bridges launched PLANT (Pray. Listen. Articulate. Articulate. iNvite.Try Again). What is working? How can it be improved? How can we continue to implement it in upcoming years? Share ideas with other staff and suggest ways it could be improved.

Chris Sneller.  Grand I,II

Good Ideas in Evangelism

Learn a new idea from Gabe (P2C), share and collect good ideas from around the USA, and learn how to generate new approaches that fit your situation.

Jane Fox and Lauren Davis.  Majestic I

Invite with the Networks

In the process of evangelism we always want to be inviting our friends to take steps of faith.  These invitations span from simple challenges to spiritual engagement all the way to inviting someone to follow Jesus. This workshop-style seminar will help you process the challenges and gain new insights into doing this well with South Asian, Chinese, and TIP students.

Bridges Resource Networks. Grand IV

Using JESUS Film Resources in ISM

There is a simple way to clearly communicate the Gospel in the heart language of any international student on your campus. Come and learn how to use the Jesus Film Media App to start Gospel conversations and bring anyone to a point of decision!


Responding to Practical COVID Challenges

Explore practical ideas in the midst of COVID challenges. How have other teams innovated? What has worked? What hasn’t worked? What challenges remain? Come learn from and with other staff.

Bridges Innovation Team. Grand III

Creating Movements of Prayer Among Students

Come and capture a vision and practical tips for helping your students create a prayer movement on your campus that leads to greater evangelism and spiritual multiplication.

Amanda Mutio and Harriett Smith. Grand IV

Entering into Difficult Conversations on Your Team

Come learn some healthy biblical and practical frameworks to consider all those difficult conversations you have had or need to have. Understanding the tension in the room that is not on the team meeting agenda will help your team function better and take your leadership a step further.

Kathy Ritz.  Majestic I

Big Scope, Limited Resources

We all wrestle at different degrees with a large scope and a seemingly lack of resources. Come be encouraged and process this important area on God’s heart together. Jeff Scholten and Nick Corrova will be sharing some very practical insights and perspectives from their life journeys.

Jeff Scholten and Nick Corrova.. Grand I,II

Financial Next Steps

What are financial considerations as you approach the various stages of life and ministry? How do you face the “squeeze” years when your kids are in middle and high school and their financial needs outpace your budget? Come to this interactive workshop to explore making your budget a freedom-giving tool!

Mark Grisson. Grand III

What Savvy Staff Know About 403b Investments

Weary of the pandemic and worried about retirement because of inflation? We will explore tips and insights as you plan for your financial future. We can’t tell you what to do, but we can help educate you, so that you can take steps now to make your investments work for you in the future!

Janet Richards and Mark Hallsten. Grand IV

Cultural  Workplace Dynamics

When we recognize our cultural biases and grow in awareness of different approaches and perspectives of team dynamics, we grow in diversity. Learn team dynamics to help your team grow and become more welcoming of diverse peoples. As we grow in cultural competence, we become more welcoming of different perspectives.

Tabitha Morales. Grand I,II

Thriving in Marriage and Ministry for the Long Haul

Come hear a staff couple’s journey through the seasons of life—from diapers to Depends! Jim and Judy Burrows have been on staff for 45 years and have been married for forty years! They served on campuses in the U.S. and Japan and with FamilyLife in both the U.S. and East Asia.

Jim and Judy Burrows.  Majestic I

What Do These Numbers Means?  Making sense of Movement Indicators.

Join this workshop to get clarity on Movement Indicators, what you can learn from your team’s, and how you can use them to help your team grow in ministry.

Kerby Goff. Grand V