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For Ministers

Davy Chu, Returning Successfully Ι A series of articles discuss related issues around preparing students to return home successfully. Part 1: The Obstacles. Part 2: Considering Solutions. Part 3: The Church

Debbie Philip, Heading home with Jesus Ι After visiting hundreds of returnees, Philip understands the challenges of Chinese returnee students. In this book, she offers a new perspective on how to better support them and prepare them to go home.

Sending Pad Ι A tool to help students find connections in China. For Christian students only. The form has to be filled by his/her campus minister or Christian mentor.

For Students

Overseas Campus Ministry, Returnee Handbook Ι It covers topics adjusting to the work environment and finding a church home to help students to begin the process of preparing to return home. The trial version (in both English and Chinese) can be downloaded here for a suggested donation of $3 per download to OCM.

Bridges’ Summer Missions offer great opportunities to help preparing students to return home by offering a space for students to experience a community with other Chinese Christians and grow their faith in the Chinese context.