Bridges International in New York City

Who We Are:

Bridges International is a caring community of Christ-followers committed to serve, promote social connections and engage in spiritual conversations with international students so that students become leaders internationally.


You’ve traveled across the globe and adjusting to life in a new country can leave your head spinning. Let Bridges and other international students who have come before you ease your transition. Who knows? In the future, you might even find yourself serving other international students.
“Whether it be practicing English, getting help with a resumé or getting connected with professionals in your field of study, Bridges wants to help make your experience as a NYU student the best it can be.”
Matt Pursley

Bridges NYU

“I’d like to be part of the Bridges, because I am interested in learning Christianity, the other is to make new friends. I’ve been able to know a lot of friends through Bridges”

Student at Columbia University

Social Connections

You’ve landed in New York City and while you may have left your family or lifelong friends behind, you can find a home in Bridges – a place to make true friendships, with people from all over the globe, to carry with you for the rest of your life.

Spiritual Conversations

While in the U.S. you have the freedom to explore questions about life and God. Everyone has an important perspective and Bridges wants give you a place to share, listen and explore thought-provoking topics with other students about God and faith and its relevance on our lives.