Communicate Faith

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CoJourners Devotional | A 28-day evangelism-focused devotional that aims to provide biblical motivation and for sharing Christ with friends and acquaintances. Download the Chinese version here.The CoJourners material also has training videos available in English.

Starting EV Conversation | An 11-minutes animated video, showing how a Chinese student became more confident in sharing his faith through understanding the biblical teaching and practical tips on evangelism. In Chinese only.

Sharing the Gospel | A short lesson on what evangelism is, why doing evangelism, and how to share the gospel. It includes Bible verse references and suggested next steps.

Pray-Copy-Paste | A list of Chinese articles for Christian students to share with their Chinese friends via social media or text messages. It includes topics like “How can you find peace in this world?” “God doesn’t hate gays” “What’s the difference among all the religions?”