Crossing Cultures Workshops

Crossing Cultures Workshops will help you connect with your international student friends and engage with the love and hope of Jesus Christ.  1.3 million international students in the United States present an incredible opportunity to reach students from the nations and mobilize them as gospel ambassadors.  Yet, there can be challenges as you cross cultures. Do you ever struggle to know…where to meet students on campus…how to engage in spiritual conversation…what to do or not to do?

Crossing Cultures Workshops is a series of multi-week workshops designed to help you build knowledge and skills in international student ministry.  Choose from one of three unique workshop tracks to learn about Chinese, South Asian, or Middle Eastern students. Each workshop includes two 75 minute virtual meetings via the Zoom virtual meeting platform (free for participants to use) and a practical ministry experience.

The Modules are…

Welcome – Basic cultural insights you need in order to engage students from this background.

Engage – How to communicate the Gospel to students and what to expect in terms of barriers or objections.

Build/Send – How to help international friends grow in their faith in Christ and prepare to graduate as Gospel ambassadors.

These trainings are hosted by Bridges International and are open to anyone seeking to engage international students with the person and message of Jesus Christ.


Welcome Workshop (Jan. 21 – Feb. 7)
Virtual Meeting #1
Practical Experience
Virtual Meeting #2
Engage Workshop (late Winter 2020)
Build/Send Workshop (Spring 2020)