What do you do in times of uncertainty?

This year does not look like we anticipated. At Bridges International, we want to support you as you deal with the outbreak of COVID-19.

See this page for a variety of helpful resources, ways to connect with others, and how Jesus is able to offer us peace in the midst of our uncertainty.

Please, if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, seek medical help and get tested for the virus.

Explore God

God's Power over Fear

The Bible explains the God is all-powerful and created us to live without fear. Follow this link to learn more about the all-powerful God of the Bible.

Falling Plates Video

This short video explains God’s heart for people, and Jesus love for you. Watch it here.

Helpful Websites and Articles

Bridges Locations

There may be a group of students involved with Bridges close to you. Follow this link to see if there is a campus close by.

How to Deal with Anxiety

This is an article written on about a way to deal with the anxiety and stress of the Coronavirus. Follow this link for the article.

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