Bridges International Chicago is a caring community of Christ-followers committed to serve, promote social connections and engage in spiritual conversations with international students so that students become leaders internationally.

Serving Students

We are here to serve your needs. Whether that’s helping you understand American culture, how to ride the CTA, buying winter clothes, visiting a local church, or practicing English, etc. We are here for you!

Social Connections

Our events are designed for you to find a community of caring friends during your stay here in the US.

Spiritual Resources

During your stay in the US you will be exposed to many different cultures, ideas, and people. It’s our desire to provide a non-threatening environment where international students can grow in their faith, learn the Biblical Worldview, focusing on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Student Leadership

We are a student organization for students and led by students.


Check out which locations have an active Bridges movement and how you can get involved.

Illinois Tech

With students from 100 different countries, Illinois tech is a great place for you.

The Loop

Find a place to belong and connect with students from multiple campuses and countries as a part of Bridges in the Loop.


Make Cornerstone Bridges at UIC your home away from home.

Want to see Bridges started at your campus? Contact us to learn how.

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