Bridges International is a caring community of Christ-followers committed to serve, promote social connections and engage in spiritual conversations with international students so that students become leaders internationally. We are a community of internationals and Americans who desire to welcome and support international students while they are in the U.S.

The 4 “S”s of Bridges:

Social Connections–Bridges connects students from all over the world. We want to be your home away from home where you connect with other people from the US and from every corner of the world.


Service opportunities–Bridges wants to serve you and to equip you to serve others. We offer a variety of services to students, from airport pick-ups to help with your English. But we don’t want it to stop here–we want to give you opportunities to serve others too!


Spiritual Conversations–Bridges is a Christian organization. Though open to students from any religious or non-religious background, we offer opportunities for you to explore the Bible and understand Jesus Christ in a safe environment.


Student Leadership–Bridges seeks to equip students to be global leaders. We want to help you lead other people, both during your studies and later in life.

At UNC-Charlotte, we provide opportunities such as a conversation clubs, service opportunities, seminars that address relevant issues, and small groups to help students connect and grow together. If you are an international student from another Charlotte school, you’re welcome too! Many of us have found our inspiration for these things from Jesus, but we welcome people from all nationalities, cultures, and faiths. In fact, we think diversity is one of our strengths!