To Engage

Conversation Starters

Easy-to-use tools for helping you start the conversation, exploring their worldview. Heart Mirror | A set of 50 high-quality images tailored to those from a Chinese background (see image in sidebar). Together with the provided questions, these images can help you enter into and explore the lives around you by conjuring up associations and opening avenues …

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Digital Tools

Videos and apps for engaging someone spiritually. Some of the resources are contextualized. The Jesus Film | Based on the Gospel of Luke, this two-hour film about the life of Jesus can be viewed online in virtually any language, including Mandarin and many other Chinese dialects. Also available as a mobile app. Global Short Film …

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Cultural Tips

Resources on Chinese culture, spirituality and the background of Chinese students on U.S. campuses Blog | Blogs on our website were written by Chinese or Americans who are very familiar with the Chinese culture. They gave you insights into the Chinese world, such as relationships, hospitality, holidays, and as well as their spirituality.     Spiritual …

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