Tips For Making the most of Disney

1) Download the DisneyWorld app to find restrooms, for directions to the ride you want, to find showtimes, and to see ride Wait Times (90 min or ten min to help you plan)

2) You can order food from the app and pickup rather than waiting in food lines

3) At Magic Kingdom, to see the 8pm fireworks show in front of or behind Cinderella’s Castle, find a spot “inside the tape” 30min-60min before 8pm; don’t wait until the fireworks start to find your viewing spot, or you will find yourself in a traffic lane forced to keep walking and end up out of sight of Cinderella’s Castle

4 If you don’t mind not all riding together, using the “Single Rider” line is very advantageous where available (i.e. Millenium Falcon – Smugglers Run @Hollywood Studios uses groups of 6, so they fill in with singles and doubles from the Single Rider line perhaps saving an hour wait time) 

5) If you’re hot, find an air conditioned show 🙂

6)) If you go by car, after parking text yourself the parking lot name and row #! (it’s easy to forget where you parked) @Magickingdom there two different tram lines (Heroes or Villains; e.g. Peter Pan parking lot = Heroes Trams and Scar parking lot = Villain Trams)