5 Reasons to Come to Vision

Nov 28, 2016 | 0 comments

Trying to decide what to do during your school’s winter break? Vision Conference is a great way to spend your time! Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider joining us at Vision:

1.) Meet people from all over the world

23750998834_6beafa2fcd_zThere are few places where you can truly feel like the whole world has come together. But at Vision, you’ll have the chance to meet people from every part of the world and experience all kinds of different cultures. Much like the Olympics, there is a special feeling of community and peace that happens when the world comes together. This “Olympic spirit” is something that makes Vision unique to many other conferences and events. Think about how much you will learn about the world simply by coming! Perhaps by the time you leave you’ll have a friend from every continent.

2.) Visit Florida and the beach

11738630146_8363b9edd9_kWho doesn’t want to see Florida?! It’s an incredible part of the country that has some of the best beaches in America. Daytona Beach has been a popular vacation destination for Americans for decades. If you are at a university in the north, you’ll be able to escape the cold winter and spend some warm days in the sun. While at Vision, you will have the chance to not only have fun on the beach, but also visit exciting locations. During one of the afternoons you can get on a bus to either visit beautiful St. Augustine or tour the Kennedy Space Center. St. Augustine is a coastal city with some of the earliest architecture in America, and Kennedy Space Center is a NASA launch base turned into an attraction to learn more about our history in space. (Each year Vision conference is held in a different location. In 2017 it will be in Washington D.C..)

3.) Grow in your knowledge and experience of spiritual topics

24070675120_a26c9dfb78_zDuring your university years, it is important to learn and grow in many different areas of your life. Vision provides you the opportunity to learn more about God and the Bible, and to think about some of the big questions of life. What is your destiny? What is the purpose of your life? Thinking about these types of things helps you to be a well-rounded person who is confident in what they believe and do. Much of our time at Vision will focus on learning about spiritual topics and thinking about how they might personally affect your life.

4.) Make the best use of your winter break

23738563783_a60ae44db8_zThere is a very good chance that you might not be able to stay on your campus (if you live in a dorm) during winter break. So it’s a perfect opportunity to travel and see more of the country! You will only have a few of these breaks while you are studying in the United States, so don’t waste them. Use them to experience something new and unique, and to make a memory that you won’t forget. Vision is one of those experiences. You won’t regret spending five days of your break coming down to Florida and taking part in the conference. It will be a memory that you can share with friends and family back home!

5.) Celebrate the New Year in an international way

16225214925_42619a3e23_zOne of the most exciting parts of the Vision Conference is our annual New Year’s Eve party. This will take place at the very end of the conference as a way to celebrate not only the New Year, but our experience and new friendships at the conference as well. We’ll start the party with a Talent Show to highlight songs, dances, and other talents from various cultures. Then, we’ll host a dance party featuring music from all around the world. During the party, you could learn new dance moves from a different culture! Everyone has an incredible time, and together, representing the world, we celebrate what the New Year will bring.

To learn more about the Vision Conference, or to register, visit www.visionconf.com.  Hope to see you there!