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Welcome to Bridges International

and a New Year at The University of Michigan!

Bridges International is here for you! We aim to help make U of M your home away from home. We have some great ways to help you do that right away as you arrive on campus.

Click below for more details on these great events:

Bridges at The University of Michigan

Bridges at the University of Michigan is here for you! From helping with the practicals of life, like getting around to stores, to enjoying one another’s holidays and travel to some pretty cool places, Bridges International is a student organization that exists to serve, promote social connection, and engage in spiritual conversations with UM’s international community.

We meet weekly for our Discovery Groups. A delicious dinner is always provided along with a safe place to discuss, ask questions and learn what the Bible has to say about life questions we all have.

Join us for any of these Discovery Groups:

DISCOVERY GROUPS KICK OFF                                                                                                                                                                     Thursday, Sept 7 | 6-7:30PM @ Trotter Multicultural Center Lower Level

Central Campus Discovery Group continue on Fridays @ 6 PM Starting Sept 15
Trotter Multicultural Center

North Campus Discovery & Jeevan Group Fridays @ 6:00 PM (Catered to South Asian students, All students welcome)     Starting Sept 15

Vision Conference

One of the best thing Bridges International offers is the Vision Conference, December 28-January 1. See the highlights from last year’s video below, and make plans to join us in Washington DC for Vision 2017! See more about the Vision Conference at visionconf.com.


Here are some helpful resources for starting the new semester at U of M:

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