Your Vision Conference Adventure Awaits!

Wondering what to do during your winter break? Come to Vision Conference in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Not only will you experience a multi-cultural conference but you will get to explore a unique place as well. The best part will be living out this adventure with new and old friends from over 60 different countries.

Denver’s population is rapidly growing as young people flock to this perfect blend of city life and nature. They are drawn to the possibilities that a big city brings as well as the tranquility of the mountains. Just outside the city are the Rocky Mountains, the longest mountain range in the U.S. and second longest in the world! You’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the mountains from our hotel.

During Vision we have two afternoons of touring so that you can experience both the city and nature that surrounds us. Here are some of the things you’ll be able to do those afternoons:

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Study Tips for College Success in the United States

Looking for effective study tips for your college experience in the United States? We would love to share some advice we’ve received with you. One of the most important things for effective studying is finding your learning style. There are four main types of...

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I spend most of my income on things I need. Many Saturdays are spent doing laundry, vacuuming and scrubbing the bathroom sink. There’s no one around to cook for me, so if I don’t cook, I don’t eat. My friends and family are spread out all over the globe, and I check my email more than my social media. On nights out with friends, the conversation quickly turns to things like “which credit card gives you the best airline mileage rate”. I guess I’m an adult.
I don’t want to over-simplify what it looks like to embrace adulthood, without becoming cynical, by simply encouraging you to “follow your dreams”. On the surface, there’s no one-right-way to live. Every culture values different things and looks at what it means to be an adult differently. Some young adults live with their families until they get married, while other cultures view that as being overly dependent. Some cultures have a more widely accepted standard of a “good job”, while others value forging a unique identity.

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“Can I get a rain check on that?”

“Can I get a rain check on that?”

“Let’s touch base later.”

“I can’t believe they dropped the ball on this.”

“You’re going to hit that interview out of the park!”

“Can you give me a ballpark figure?”

Have you ever heard these phrases used in conversation before? Odds are, you probably have. Many Americans regularly use these idioms, but where do they come from? The answer is baseball. Baseball, considered to be the national sport of the United States, is a big part of American culture. Some Americans may not even realize that the idioms they so often use in conversation originated from Baseball.

Now what do these idioms mean? Let’s talk about a few of them.

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Forgive Others, Heal Yourself

It is no secret that feelings of bitterness, anger, and resentment cripple our relationships with others and affects our own emotional, mental, and sometimes, physical health. While it is impossible to get through life without being hurt by another person, our own emotional healing and growth are up to ourselves.

The main question is, how can we forgive those who have hurt us? To forgive means that we are not going to seek revenge on the person who hurt us. We decide to let go of the anger and resentment we feel. It does not mean that we forget or that we don’t protect ourselves from those who harm us.

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What is Vision Conference?

Where are you on your life journey? We’re all trying to find our way through life. But how do we know the right way to go? Who, or what, do we follow? There are so many big questions in life with little time to actually think about them.

The Vision Conference is an annual 5-day gathering hosted by Bridges International. It is a place where you can consider these questions and have fun bonding with old and new friends. As one student attendee said, “I can recommend this conference to all international students in the US.”

Imagine being in a room with international students from over 70 countries! Hundreds of students from around the world will gather together at Vision. This global community is an incredible experience of unity and diversity. You will experience other cultures, and share yours, through social events:

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